Pad Fine 5/6″

Polishing Foam Pad


The most versatile of the BigFoot pads, the fine pad adapts itself to the type of compound being used.  Its fine cell structure gives it a fairly stiff very conformable consistency and its fine resins enhance the gloss achieved in high-speed corrections. We recommend using it in combination with:

  • Quartz (green) compound to generate a quality finish in a one-step process
  • Keramik (yellow) compound to remove light swirls and holograms on difficult surfaces
  • Diamond (white) compound for extremely high gloss levels on very hard surfaces

(COD. 9.BF150M)

    Technical features
  • Tool
    LHR 15ES - LHR 12E
  • Ø
    130/150 mm - 5/6"
  • Interface